Participating in the work of helping poor people in Los Angeles (USA), the World War Z actor surprised many people with his increasingly deteriorating face, revealing traces of time.


Brad Pitt spent time participating in charity activities in Los Angeles (USA). The star of the movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood diligently carried goods from the truck for many hours to distribute to disadvantaged people.

The somewhat sloppy and simple appearance with a mask covering his face made many people not realize they were interacting with a star who was once voted the sexiest man on the planet.

After a busy time carrying goods and distributing relief supplies, Brad Pitt quietly sat in a corner to take a break, chatting with a few people around him.


The actor of the movie 11 robbers of the century  attracts sympathy with his radiant face and friendly attitude.

Brad Pitt’s activities received much praise from the public. The U.60 star was praised for having a positive, cheerful attitude and knowing how to share with difficult situations amid the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Brad Pitt’s simple, plain appearance makes many people not recognize the actor



In recent years, Brad Pitt has been discussed many times because of his aging appearance. However, U.60 amateurs don’t care much


Besides charity work, Angelina Jolie ‘s ex-husband’s appearance also became a hotly discussed topic. In a series of photos posted by the media, the veteran actor revealed a skinny face with wrinkles on his forehead, mouth corners, and eye sockets.
The somewhat shabby and dusty way of dressing, along with a bushy beard and long, loose hair, makes Brad Pitt’s appearance look even more “degraded” and sloppy.


Below the Daily Mail article , many viewers expressed concern about the current health situation of the famous Hollywood actor and suggested that the male artist should take more care of his appearance.

However, there are still many opinions defending Brad Pitt, saying that the star of the movie Trojan Hero still looks attractive and masculine even though he doesn’t have neat hair and expensive, classy outfits like when he appears.

on the red carpet. Many people even praise the expensive Hollywood actor for not losing his romantic, indescribably attractive look, despite being almost 60 years old and the traces of time are increasingly visible on his face.

The veteran male artist’s “then – now” photo makes many people regret



The media as well as fans speculate that the reason Brad Pitt is increasingly haggard and old is partly because the actor has recently had family problems and had to focus on the custody battle for his children.

with Angelina Jolie. The powerful father spent a lot of time, money and effort trying to win half the custody of his 6 children with his ex-wife after many years of unresolved conflict.

Along with that, at the end of October 2020, the media reported that the Oscar winner had just ended his relationship with German model Nicole Poturalski after several months of dating.

Before shocking with a series of aging and deteriorating photos, Brad Pitt was one of the most handsome and charming stars in Hollywood.

The masculine and flamboyant appearance of the World War Z actor once captured the hearts of millions of girls, making him one of the most desired male models by women. In particular, the father of 6 children was twice voted the Sexiest Man on the Planet by People magazine (in 1995 and 2000).