The “internet’s boyfriend” Keanu Reeves is known for his frequent acts of kindness, though some may not realize just how generous he is. After filming The Matrix Reloaded, the actor bought each member of the stunt team a Harley Davidson motorcycle.
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Keanu Reeves once bought Harley Davidsons for a 12-man stunt team for The Matrix Reloaded. He also gifted Rolex watches to his John Wick stunt team.
Additionally, Reeves routinely donates portions of his salary to crew members.

Keanu Reeves Buys Harley Davidson Bikes for Stunt Team

Long Middle part/ Full Growth Middle Part: Giúp bạn cân cả thế giới hơn là  thằng đầu trọc. Độ Khó: Khó Thời… | Keanu reeves, Marvel cinematic, Actors Reeves generously gifted the bikes for a stunt team of 12 after filming a particularly difficult scene. In The Matrix Reloaded, one battle involves Neo, played by Reeves, fighting a bunch of clones of Agent Smith. The stunt doubles all acted as different “Smiths” in the scene. After completing the complex choreography, Reeves decided to reward them for their hard work. Ultimately, the bikes cost the actor a hefty $15,000 each.
However, his generosity didn’t stop there. When The Matrix Revolutions wrapped, Reeves gave each member of the 800-person crew an expensive bottle of champagne, which cost him $50,000 total. Even now, he is still known for giving out extravagant presents. On the set of John Wick 4, the actor gave each of his stuntmen a personalized Rolex. Called the “John Wick Five,” his stunt team consisted of Bruce Concepcion, Jeremy Marinas, Li Qiang, and Dave Camarillo. The watches were Rolex Submariners. Each one had two inscriptions: one reading “John Wick 5” and another with their name and “Thank You, Keanu JW4 2021.” The watches totaled $10,000 for Reeves.

Keanu Reeves Donates Portion of Salary to Crew Members

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Additionally, Reeves’s legacy of giving extends all the way back to the first Matrix film. Since the film was a smash hit, he walked away with a $54 million payday. For the first film, $31.5 million of his salary went to leukemia research, as his sister suffered from the disease. After the second and third film, Reeves decided to share the wealth with the crew. Ultimately, he donated millions to ensure the crew received fair payment. The actor also prioritizes giving to charities. He has donated over one million dollars to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals over the years. In addition, Reeves continues to support cancer research. One primary way he does this is through working with SickKids, which seeks to build a state-of-the-art hospital that researches cures and offers high-quality care to sick children. Another is through a secret foundation to which he doesn’t like to attach his name.
  Whether it’s through gifting Harleys to stuntmen or helping sick children get care, Reeves has proven himself a generous and kind person. We could all stand to be a little bit more like him.