As an actor who is always remembered for his enthusiasm and diligence in each role, Keanu Reeves overcame tragedies in his personal life to contribute on the big screen, not even caring about money but living a happy life. Simple life, live it all for cinema.


Until now, Keanu Reeves is still considered one of the stars that attracts the most attention from the public on the Hollywood big screen, with great successes coupled with personal tragedy.

The actor’s acting career developed very early. At the age of 9, he appeared in the play  Damn Yankees,  and continued to play Mercutino in the play  Romeo and Julie  6 years later. In his first role with the film  Youngblood , the actor played a hocky player on the Heaver ice alongside actor Rob Lowe.tracking. tracking

Later, thanks to the support of his godfather Paul Aaron, a famous theater director, Keanu Reeves continued to appear with larger roles in films such as  River’s Edge, Bills Ted’s Exellent Adventure, My Own Private Idaho, Point Break…  until the classic work  The Matrix  completely changed his acting career.

In the last year of the twentieth century, The Matrix was born and was a great mark in cinema history with its excellent script, superior technology and effects.


Much later, the film by male lead Keanu Reeves is still considered the “textbook” of techniques for many other action films, showing incredible creativity beyond all the limits of previous cinema.

Also from the success of both revenue and criticism of  The Matrix,  Keanu Reeves became the most popular name in Hollywood, his romantic appearance and impressive acting helped his name become famous globally and until now. There are no signs of cooling yet.


After 3 Matrix movies  , the actor continued to participate in many other large and small projects, including  Something’s Gotta Give (2003), The Savior of Mankind (2005), Thumbsucker (2005), Ellie Parker (2005), King of the Streets (2008), The Private Lives of Pippa Lee (2009), Side by Side (2012), 47 Wanderers (2013)…  While many films are hugely successful, they continue to do their duty.

increase the actor’s reputation; Many other cinematic works were not as expected by the audience and were considered unworthy of the reputation of this A-list star.


In particular, The Lake House marks the reunion of the actor and Sandra Bullock after 14 years since the movie Speed ​​failed miserably in terms of revenue, however, the Matrix star’s performance is still appreciated. Musicians highly appreciate it.

Working hard on big and small film projects, it wasn’t until the two  John Wick movies that  Keanu Reeves truly once again became a global phenomenon like he did with his role in  The Matrix. 

Released in 2014, John Wick follows John Wick (Keanu Reeves), a retired assassin who seeks revenge on those who robbed and killed his late wife’s dog, but is suddenly caught up in life. former assassin.

The film is said to faithfully recreate the actor’s personal life tragedies, thus helping him demonstrate his outstanding acting in both the interior and action parts. After its premiere, the work received a shower of compliments from the public and experts with a score of 7.3/10 on IMDb and 87% on Rotten Tomatoes.


After the success of the first film, the A-list actor continued to return with the second part, set just a few days after the events in the first part. At this time, John Wick had to go to Italy to repay a debt of gratitude in the past and his life was offered as a million dollar reward.

With an unprecedented scale, the journey of the “retired” assassin becomes surprising and packed with many emotions and intricate hidden relationships, entertaining viewers with a feast of eye-catching action and rhythm. The sensational, dramatic tone of the movie stimulates each “neuron”.

Returning to  John Wick 3,  the actor still hasn’t lost his enthusiasm and passion for acting.

Sharing about his next film project, the  Matrix  star said: “I even want John Wick to kill me.” through the desert and sand dunes like a ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ version dressed as the famous assassin.

 I asked the question, why doesn’t John Wick ride a horse, I really hope that happens.” It seems that the actor not only wants to bring new things to the audience but also desires new acting experiences for himself.

As an actor who is always remembered for his enthusiasm and diligence in each role, Keanu Reeves overcame personal tragedies to contribute on the big screen, not even caring about money but living a happy life. Simple life, live it all for cinema.

That’s why, from  The Matrix  to the three  John Wick movies,  he has always been the factor that makes audiences “have their eyes and ears” and experience an exciting emotional party when they come to theaters.