Possessing huge assets, this millionaire lives very simply. Instead, he always felt embarrassed about making a lot of money and decided to give away most of his income.

‏Keanu Reeves: The nicest actor in Hollywood‏

‏Keanu Reeves is known as one of the kindest actors in Hollywood. Thanks to starring in a series of popular action movies, Keanu Reeves became a globally famous name and has a dream income.

 According to Celebrity Net Worth statistics, the Canadian star holds a fortune of about 380 million USD.‏

‏Most recently, the action movie John Wick: Chapter 4 starring Keanu Reeves earned 30 million USD on the first day of screening in 3,855 theaters in the North American market. This is one of the most favorable openings of this crew. ‏

‏As of April 16, the film occupied 3rd place at the domestic box office table with 7.9 million USD. 

According to Box Office Mojo statistics, the entire film recorded revenue of nearly 350 million USD globally.

 With this number, the product officially set the highest sales record in the brand’s history.‏


‏At the same time, John Wick 4 also received “rain of praise” from critics and mass audiences. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film received a score of 95% from critics (certified “fresh”) and 96% from mass audiences. ‏

‏Newspapers such as the Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Reader, Independent, Wall Street Journal… all gave the film a series of compliments for not only the content and fighting, maintaining the spirit of the previous parts but also praising the film for its unique features, even though it lasts nearly 3 hours. ‏

‏The success of the film series is also associated with the name of main actor Keanu Reeves. One of the most outstanding things about the movie is the dangerous action scenes performed by Keanu Reeves himself without using stuntmen. ‏

‏The Hollywood millionaire once revealed that he spent nearly three months just practicing action scenes in one episode.‏

‏A corner of the mysterious star’s private life‏

‏We tend to think of movie stars as “super privileged.” They have great looks, talent, confidence and wealth. Many people will think that this is truly a dream life. However, life is not always easy for them. Keanu Reeves is an example. ‏

‏His father left the family home when he was 3 years old. After the age of 6, he was rarely able to contact his father. 

Left alone, his mother often had to move, trying to build a better life for her children, but Keanu still had to deal with dyslexia, a serious problem that prevented him from finishing school. high school program.‏


‏Even after the hit movie “The Matrix” brought him fame and fortune, tragedy continued to follow him. In the years that followed, he lost his best friend, an unborn daughter, and his love was broken.‏

‏The ups and downs of life events have created unique things in this man of few words. He walked alone through all the pain, choosing to give everything away, only taking for himself a simple life.‏

‏A Hollywood producer shared that this millionaire is famous for being generous. He once gave a construction worker on the Matrix movie set $20,000 after learning that this person was having financial difficulties. ‏


‏He also regularly contributes to charity funds such as the Stand Up To Cancer organization, Sick Kids Children’s Hospital in Toronto, PETA organization, or the SCORE group specializing in the care and treatment of injured hockey players. spinal cord.‏

‏Not stopping there, Keanu Reeves once gave each of the stuntmen in The Matrix Reloaded a Harley-Davidson.

 During the filming of John Wick 4 in Paris (France), Berlin (Germany), male star U60 gave each stuntman an expensive Rolex Submariner watch with thank you notes engraved on the back.‏


‏Keanu Reeves gives expensive watches to stuntmen‏

‏Family friend Keanu Reeves revealed: “He has given away a lot of money and done more good for people than the public knows. He is aware of how lucky he is .

Unlike many other big stars in Hollywood, he never took it for granted.”‏

‏Keanu Reeves is willing to use a lot of box office commissions to send to the staff behind the screen because he believes they contribute greatly to the success of the work.

 The actor even proactively reduced his salary in the movies The Devil’s Advocate or The Replacements so that the crew could have enough money to invite other names to participate.‏


‏For this expensive star, money has never created happiness. He once shared with Hollywood: “Money doesn’t mean anything to me.

I’ve earned a lot of money but want to enjoy life without having to stress about enriching my bank account. I give a lot away.” and live simply… We all know that health is the most important thing.”